A Four-Wheel Ministry: Pastor buys, drives bus to provide church children with an Adventist education

Thang Mang, pastor at Bowling Green Zomi, Ky, Church, wanted the children in his congregation to receive an Adventist Education. However, the closest Adventist school was an hour away in Highland, Tenn., Elementary. Without a way of transportation, the church families could not send their children to this school even if they wanted.  

For two years, Mang used his own van to drive the six children from his church that were enrolled in Highland Elementary School. But he wanted to do more.

“I spoke with my church family and found out they were willing to commit [sending] their children to a private Adventist school,” Mang said. “So, I went from having to drive six students to 16. So, you know, I needed a bigger van.”

After prayer and research, Mang was able to get the support from the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, an anonymous donor and his church to purchase a $7,500 minibus. According to Mang, the minibus’ insurance is paid through his church’s budget while parents split the bill for gas, which ends up being more than $1000 a month.  

Every week, from Monday to Friday, Mang drives total of four hours a day to pick up and drop off the children.

“[Driving the bus] is a very important ministry to me,” Mang said. “I believe Adventist education makes a difference. The Bible says that if you teach a child the way of the Lord, even when they grow up, they will not be estranged from His path. … I drive 16 children in my minibus. My hope is each will accept Jesus as their Savior.”