A Generous Gift for Evangelistic Outreach

On Sabbath December 13, 2014 Trust Services Director Lin Powell presented a large check to Treasurer Jerry Wilkey, First Elder Ken Gould, and Pastor Dennis Altrogge.  The check in the amount of $210,560.98 for evangelistic outreach in the Paducah area represented the largest known gift to a Kentucky-Tennessee Conference church designated for that purpose.

Pastor Altrogge and the Paducah members are excited about the many opportunities that they will have to grow the kingdom of God in their local territory through this generous gift.  They are already discussing plans for using it wisely for the greatest  benefit and blessing over an extended period of time.

The extraordinary gift was made possible through the proceeds of the last will and testament of long-time Paducah member Gertrud Schramm who contacted our Trust Services Department for assistance in preparing her estate plan. We invite you to contact us to see how we can assist you in carrying out your wishes concerning  the settling of your estate at your death in regards to your family and for the Lord’s work as you desire.