Our Purpose

To support the ministry of the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference by

optimizing the effectiveness of our employees

Hiring at Local Churches and Schools

Local Volunteer Resources

Information and Forms

A volunteer performs service freely without pressure or coercion and without expectation of compensation. Employees may not volunteer their time to do the same work for which they are employed.

Please review KTC’s Volunteer Information and confirm volunteer status. More information is available at the FLSA Advisor.

Employment Verification Requests

Send all requests, along with signed documentation to hr@kytn.net

Insurance Benefits


For questions regarding logging in to Ascend to Wholeness or Virgin Pulse email: loginhelp@adventistrisk.org

Carissa Haley

Carissa Haley

Human Resources Director

Phone: (615) 859-1391 x1011
Email: hr@kytn.net

Rosemary McKenzie

Rosemary McKenzie

Human Resources Administrative Assistant

Phone: (615) 859-1391 x1029
Email: hr@kytn.net


Update your address at:

Life Events


  • Birth of child

  • Death

  • Marriage

  • Changes in Family Insurance


  • Other Life Events

Employees are allowed 30 days from the date of the life event to request changes in Health Insurance Benefits.

Ascend to Wholeness

  • Health Benefits
  • Insurance Benefits
  • Wellness Portal


  • Personal Records
  • Timekeeping
  • Vacation Requests

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