HAY!FAITH Festival Launched in Paris, TN

by: Jay Prall
On October 27th, the Paris church launched their first annual HAY!FAITH Festival.  Banners, balloons, and newspaper ads combined to announce to the community the intent of Paris church to be more involved in the lives of the families of Paris.

Every child was given a card to punch at each station – ranging from face painting to a bouncy castle, from roping a steer to petting a goat that knew how to shake hands.  At the end, the completed card could be turned in for a special snack.

Along the way, the children heard stories the Native Americans once told their children, made a basket out of rolled up newspaper, practiced archery, and took a 30-question Bible quiz.  Food and hot apple cider were provided as well.

“It was a great inaugural event,” Matthew Lucio, pastor of Paris church, said.  “We look forward to next year.  HAY!FAITH has made me ask myself why more of the ministries we do are’t this much fun.”