Health Emphasis in Bowling Green

by: Teresa Carmichael

Though it wasn’t officially named as such, September 2013 was a month of health emphasis for members of the Bowling Green Church.  Two special events contributed to this emphasis.

On Wednesday night, September 18, Chef Mark Anthony presented his Free Dinner and a Message.  He prepared a meal while sharing his personal experience of loosing weight and lowering his cholesterol level as a result of dietary change.  Those present were then served the meal they had watched him prepare.  The presentation was well attended and guests expressed their appreciation for the opportunity to learn of a more healthful diet.

Just a few days later, on Sunday, September 22, the church held its first Let’s Move Day.  Health Ministries Leader, Anne Afton, coordinated this special event.

Everyone registered upon arrival and free blood pressure screening was provided.  After registering, participants were free to complete the various activities.

Activities in the gym included basketball shooting, jumping rope, hula hooping, leg raises, jumping jacks, band stretches, and cornhole throwing.  Outside, there was a one-mile walk, a short timed run, a chip golf exercise, and -especially for the children – an inflatable bouncy house/slide.

Those who completed all of the activities were rewarded with a stress ball in the shape of a heart.  A number of door prizes were also given. Lunch was served to conclude the event and everyone left feeling motivated to move!

Living healthfully is important.  It’s important for members of the church family.  It’s important for our neighbors. Plans are to build upon these events in the future as we strengthen connections in the community.