Jamestown Celebrates 100 Years

“Lift up the trumpet and loud let it ring, Jesus is coming again” resounded through the 100 year old building as 83 Jamestown members and guests joyously shared messages and stories of God’s love and guidance. Children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren of the charter members participated in the centennial celebration.  The original building, often remodeled, now has two additions.  This may be the oldest structure in the Southern Union built by Adventists and continuously used by Adventists.

Evangelist O. A. Dow and his wife came to Russell County Kentucky December 22, 1914.  Their goal – plant another church to expand the 600 member Kentucky Conference, then headquartered in Nicholasville, Kentucky.  Meetings started in the Christian church soon moved to the schoolhouse, accommodating over 300 persons eager to learn Bible truths.  Within a month Sabbath services commenced.

Preparation to meet Jesus calls for a meeting place.  Even before they were baptized, the believers donated logs and lumber.  By June the 26’ x 32’ building was being erected.  About 20 made the commitment of baptism.  Worship services began in the incomplete meetinghouse on Sabbath, July 3, 1914.  By August the church was organized and was accepted into the sisterhood of churches at the campmeeting/conference session in Louisville.  The Southern Union Worker, predecessor to the Southern Tidings, published a picture of the church house with over 60 people in front of it on August 26, 1915.  Later that year conference leaders dedicated the church.

At our centennial service September 12, 2015 Elder Jim McConnell, who pastored at Jamestown from 1974 – 1981, emphasized the hundreds of times this building has heard the message of the soon coming of Jesus, and how His coming is closer than when we first believed.  McConnell closed with a stirring appeal, echoing the appeal he made when he left this congregation 34 years ago – to gather on the right side of the tree-of-life for an even grander reunion.  May we be found faithful to this invitation.