Lexington Comes Together for the Community

On July 31st, four churches met together to pray and plan the final details of their upcoming weekend. Two churches from the South Central Conference, Hispanic Lima Drive Church and Lima Drive Church, and two from the Kentucky-Tennessee Conference, the Lexington Church and the Lexington Hispanic Church, participated in a weekend of service to their community.

Sabbath afternoon several groups went to 23 fire stations and five police departments handing out cookies and thank you cards. At 5 p.m., fire fighters were fed at one of the local churches and prayers were offered in their behalf. At 7 p.m., the group of volunteers headed downtown where they fed 70 homeless individuals.

Sunday morning, the volunteers got busy again cleaning a nearby park. The Mayor, Chief of Police, and Fire Chief were very pleased with the efforts of the Adventist church members in their area.

After their weekend of service to the community, the volunteers were hugging each other and grabbing hands and praying together. They felt revived and happy and expressed a desire to continue this event four times each year.