Madison Academy Builds Church in the Dominican Republic

On March 30, the Madison Academy (MA) mission group boarded a plane headed to the Dominican Republic where they planned to build a church. Is it possible for nine girls, five boys, two dads, one interpreter, and three sponsors to completely build a church from the first piece of metal to the last nail in the roof… all in five days?  Yes!  AND, to do VBS every afternoon?  Yes!  Yes!  God, the Master Carpenter, was by our side in the blazing sun, 1000 heat, and afternoon rains.

Each person with their assignment of mixing mortar, fetching water, cutting blocks, climbing scaffolding, to laying blocks, served a meaningful task.  We were very fortunate to have some of the local church members help us.  One man literally cut blocks for eight hours, and when finished was totally covered in cement dust.

Our VBS program was blessed with 75 children the first day and more than 125 children the next three days.  We had four stations going on at one time: telling stories, playing-games, creating crafts, and the favorite, doing gymnastics.

Our goal was to worship in the church on Sabbath.  The local ladies and our girls scrubbed the new cement floor on Friday afternoon, brought in a simple alter, and set up old benches.  What a blessing to worship in a full sanctuary… standing room only with even the local non-believers peering in the windows curiously listening.  The MA crew knows that the new church will continue to grow with their powerful youth team and Dominican enthusiasm.