What is CREATION Health?

CREATION Health is a lifestyle transformation program designed to help people live life to the fullest by focusing on the eight universal principles of whole person health that God originally gave at Creation. His suggested lifestyle is so rewarding that we want to share it with the world. Our faith-based wellness program is based on Biblical principals and backed by science. We are supported by our foundation as a world-class, world-wide health care institution with a global mission.
The CREATION Health lifestyle is helping people all over the world live longer and healthier lives. Massive landmark studies prove its effectiveness.  These studies were funded by the National Institutes of Health, World Health Organization and the National Cancer Institute, among others.  More than 150,000 people were studied all over the world.
CREATION Health is about wellness, and wellness is more than health or the absence of disease. Wellness is being mentally fit, physically healthy, spiritually vital and socially content. It is about fulfilling our God-given potential, regardless of our unique identity personal gifts and challenges, stage of life or health status.
If you are seeking a wellness program with proven results, please consider our credentials.  There is no other program quite like ours in the world, and we hope you will soon share our enthusiasm.

Malinda Haley

Malinda Haley


Phone: (615) 859-1391 x1026
Email: mhaley@kytn.net

8 Principles of Whole Person Health

  • Choice

    I can choose every day to improve my health and wellness.

  • Rest

    Because rest is precious, I choose to get at least 7-8 hours nightly.

  • Environment

    I choose to surround myself with peaceful light, sound, aroma, and touch.

  • Activity

    I choose to exercise my brain and my body because they are equally important.

  • Trust

    I choose to believe faithfully that God will protect and nourish me.

  • Interpersonal

    I choose to make my family and friends first priority, not work.

  • Outlook

    I choose to have a positive and happy perspective in all things.

  • Nutrition

    I choose to eat the original fast foods: fruits and vegetables.

Upcoming Events

    Malinda is a Registered Nurse who, since childhood, has enjoyed the benefits of the principles presented in the Creation Health Seminar. As conference coordinator for the program, Malinda provides support, assistance, and seminar resources to churches who offer the seminar as a ministry to their respective communities.

    Kentucky-Tennessee Conference churches may rent the CREATION Health display.

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