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AUG 26 & 27 – How to Conduct a Reversing Diabetes Seminar

A training for those who want to learn how to conduct
a Reversing Diabetes Seminar in their community.

Presented by
Stephen Wickham, MPA, RN,
& Karen Wickham, RN
who wrote this program to help
their neighbors in Grundy County, TN

Learn how to reverse diabetes
with a program that is…
• Proven effective
• Based on the latest scientific research
• Physician supervised

And that offers…
• Recipes
• Meal plans
• Exercise plans

August 26, 2:00 – 6:00 p.m.
August 27, 8:30 a.m. – 4:00 p.m.*
(Please arrive 15 min. early to each session)
*Tuesday’s lunch provided. Attendee responsible for all other meals and accommodations.

at KY-TN Conference of Seventh-day Adventists
850 Conference Drive
Goodlettsville, TN 37072

NEW: Health Lending Library Below…


Depression is reversible. It does not have to be tolerated as a lifelong condition. Dr. Nedley’s Depression Recovery Program has had great success in his outpatient clinic and 19-day residential program at the Lifestyle Center of America.

Join Dr. Nedley in this nine-part series recorded in front of a live audience. Achieve peace of mind and restore energy, joy and satisfaction to your life. Hear from people who have suffered and reclaimed their lives as they tell which aspects benefited them most. Learn all the keys of his 20-Week Turn Around as you walk step-by-step through this comprehensive program. Using the 200-page workbook filled with in-depth exercises, self tests, and the slides from Dr. Nedley’s presentations, you’ll find all you need to break free from depression.

Depression Recovery Program Lending Library Includes: Director & Facilitator Guide Binder, Program Workbook and Five DVD’s.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!

EightWeekstoWellness 2

Eight Weeks to Wellness is a health enhancement program offering a favorable opportunity for people to improve their overall health. The program integrates the latest health research with tested behavior change principles. The instructional material covers eight health themes central to lifelong health. Attendees participate in their education by actually practicing improved lifestyle behaviors.

Eight Health Themes Covered: Developing a Healthy Lifestyle, Becoming More Physically Active, Choosing Healthy Fats, Choosing Healthy Carbohydrates, Achieving/Maintaining a Healthy Weight, Enhancing the Mind-Body Connection, Coping with Stress and Getting Preventive Health Checks.

Eight Weeks to Wellness Lending Library Includes: Coordinator’s Guide, Workbook and Coordinator’s Guide for PowerPoint Series CD.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!


12 Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health: Dr. Youngberg covers new topics and lab tests in each session. If you have fatigue, headaches, heart disease, diabetes or pre-diabetes, adrenal problems, cancer risks, anxiety, depression, weight gain, digestive problems, hypertension, memory concerns, dementia, or you just want to optimize your health, this program is for you!

12 Health Themes Covered: 1. Optimizing Your Genetic Potential. 2. Optimizing Your Metabolism. 3. Optimizing Circulation & Heart Health. 4. Sunlight, Vitamin D, & Health. 5. Optimizing Digestion for Health & Healing. 6. Stress, Emotions, Food, Adrenals, Caffeine, & Blood Sugar Levels. 7. Attitudes & Healing: Am I Still at Risk? 8. Preventing and Reversing Chronic Kidney Disease the Hidden Epidemic. 9. The Autoimmune Epidemic: Ways to Limit Your Own Risk. 10. Detoxification for Optimal Health. 11. Sleep & Health: Maximizing Your Healing Potential. 12. Best Lab Tests for Maximizing Your Healing Potential.

12 Weeks to Wellness and Optimal Health Lending Library Includes: Each of the 12 Health Themes are included in a 12 DVD pack. Each DVD is 90 minutes in length (60 minute presentation + 30 minutes Q & A).

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!

Full Plate Diet

Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? Facilitator Kit – This kit contains all the materials a facilitator will need to lead a group program. In eight 50 minute sessions, participants will learn how to fill their plate to lose weight by eating more natural fiber-rich foods. More importantly, they will learn 10 tools designed to help them lose weight permanently. Also in this program, participants will find out if they are actually ready to lose weight now, and if not, how to get ready.

The Full Plate Diet Facilitator Kit Lending Library Includes: The Full Plate Diet Book, Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? – Facilitator Guide, Are You Eating Enough to Lose Weight? – Participant Guide and Full Plate Diet Fiber Guide. *Please note: Facilitators may need to purchase Participants Guides for each attendee if the program is to run smoothly.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!


The Prevention Series is health seminar presentations of evidence-based research in PowerPoint format. Key topics provide health educators an opportunity to teach the general public how to live healthy lives and prevent serious illness. A one-page self-scored assessment to print from the CD help people become aware of risks to personal health and preventive actions they can take. Each topic can stand alone or be presented with other topics as a series. The number of slides can be adjusted to meet your needs.

Achieving Lower Blood Pressure: Uncontrolled high blood pressure can lead to stroke, heart attach, heart failure or kidney failure. Scientific research has shown several lifestyle factors that significantly lower blood pressure.

Preventing Cancer: No one can predict who gets cancer, but the self-assessment focuses prevention efforts on what we know. To fight cancer, create a healthy internal environment hostile to its growth, be watchful and screen appropriately, and treat early.

Understanding Depression: Depression is a leading cause of disability world-wide and is associated with physical changes in the brain. Symptoms are generally scaled in severity, of variable duration, and may need professional care.

Preventing Heart Disease: Modifiable risks for heart disease are so well-studied that one can speak with assurance of lifestyle behaviors that effectively lower risk for heart disease. It’s never too late to begin.

Preventing Diabetes: Abundant scientific research indicates that diabetes is largely preventable through lowering known risks, and when not preventable, the results of diabetes can be minimized through lifestyle.

Achieving Healthy Eating: Research increasingly demonstrates the value of a plant-based diet in contributing to health and in lowering disease risk, especially diabetes, heart disease, and osteoporosis. Scientific research also shows that some foods do not contribute to our well-being.

Coping With Stress: Stress is a common problem affecting essentially every person sometime in their life. If it becomes excessive or chronic, it can contribute to both physical and mental health problems including headaches, backaches, digestive upsets, high blood pressure, heart attacks, depression, and suicide. Learning good coping skills and ways to avoid or reduce stress in life is a key factor in health of body and mind.

Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease: This program explores research about the brain: how it works, what the major risk factors are for poor brain health, steps you can take to preserve brain health and prevent serious brain diseases.

Exercise Is Preventive Medicine: Physical activity provides many health benefits when done regularly. No wonder doctors are now referring to exercise as “Preventive Medicine.”

The Prevention Series Lending Library Includes:

-Achieving Lower Blood Pressure PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Preventing Cancer PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Understanding Depression PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Preventing Heart Disease PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Preventing Diabetes PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Achieving Healthy Eating PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint presentation on CD.

-Coping With Stress PowerPoint Binder and PowerPoint on CD.

-Preventing Alzheimer’s Disease PowerPoint on CD.

-Exercise Is Preventive Medicine PowerPoint on CD.

Additional Self Assessment Handouts available upon request.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!

WellAssured SS

This brief lesson plan is based on conducting 8, 1-hour long meetings over a 6 to 8 week period. Eight sessions (8 hours of instruction) is about the minimum necessary in order to be effective. Other approaches could be tried, for example 2 half-day sessions about a month apart or 4, 2-hour sessions spaced about 2 weeks apart. The class could easily be expanded to 10 or 12 sessions by providing more detail and allowing longer discussions as the course progressed.

The outline follows the sequence of a PowerPoint presentation. The sequence could be altered to meet specific goals of the instructor. The PowerPoint slides come on a CD with printable handouts and self assessments.

Section 1: Provides an overview of smoking risks, the quit smoking process, and information you will need in order to identify your personal reasons for smoking and for wanting to quit.

Section 2: Helps you develop a personal plan for quitting. It includes how to deal with nicotine addiction. You will explore cravings and other physical symptoms and how to get the personal support you need. Find out how ready-to-quit you actually are.

Section 3: Details nutritional needs, healing the damage smoking has done to your body, and reducing future risks. Maintaining and strengthening the body, especially the heart and respiratory system, is critical to maintaining good health.

Section 4: Focuses on the personal aspects or quitting. How will your decision to quit smoking affect your relationships with your family, friends, and co-workers?

WellAssured Quit Smoking Lending Library Includes: Instructor’s Manual and CD (PowerPoint Presentation, Printable Handouts and self assessments).

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Christy Beard ( or 615-859-1391 x243). Thank you!

Smokey Sue

Because smoke temporarily paralyzes the cilia that normally protect a person’s lungs, the tars collected by this smoking doll accurately represent those entering the lungs of a smoker.

Smokey Sue Lending Library Includes: Smokey Sue, Stand, and Test Tubes. *Cigarettes are NOT included.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Deborah Jones ( or 615-859-1391 Ext 1023). Thank you!

Smokey Sue Smokes for TwoBecause the chemicals taken into a pregnant woman’s body flow freely through the placenta to her unborn child, her smoking can have disastrous effects. Smokey Sue Smokes for Two will show this in a unique and effective way.

Smokey Sue Smokes for Two Lending Library Includes:

-Smokey Sue with red hair/blue scarf, bottle and rubber fetus. *Cigarettes NOT included.

-Smokey Sue with yellow hair/blue scarf, bottle and rubber fetus. *Cigarettes NOT included.

If you are interested in borrowing these items please contact Deborah Jones ( or 615-859-1391 Ext 1023). Thank you!

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